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Ironesque Inc. has been following a family tradition in fabrication for over 50 years. Ironesque Inc.  products have been designed specifically for the harsh windy conditions of the Tri-City  WA & surrounding areas. 

Ironesque Inc.  fences are custom made to order  fabricated out of quality USA domestic heavier guage steel . Our fences easily outshine in looks, workmanship, quality & color as compared to pre-fabricated fences imported from overseas.

 If you are looking for a fence that is strong,  fully welded custom fence is your best choice. To complete the look of our custom fence a durable baked on powder coat finish gives the finishing touch to a truly magnificent looking fence.  

If you understand and know quality our custom fence surpases many of our competitors so called - custom fences as we have a tendency to over engineer them by using thicker steel for the frames and ballusters. We dont skimp on our use of steel or materials.

If you live in Tri-Cities WA we all understand that Mother Nature gives us plenty of harsh strong winds, so you will be happy to know that our custom fences have been tested and are built to withstand these. Rest assure that there is no adjustments, re-tightening bolts or worries about custom fence denting easily.

Ironesque Inc. custom iron fence is fabricated inhouse by our experienced artisans. It is vigorously inspected and tested to ensure it is made of the highest quality. Our custom fence is made to fit, slope, angle & even curve to your lot. No funky ends or cut offs just a beautiful flow of fence that is easy on the eye.

We at Ironesque Inc. stand by our workmanship and can proudly say it's made in America. If you are looking for the Lamborgini of fence this is the only way to go.. We quite often get the feedback that our custom iron fences quality is better than our customers anticipated...





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